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About This Course

The Chinese nation is known as the "state of etiquette", and its etiquette culture has a long history. Etiquettes, reflecting one’s recognition and respect for others, society and country, can effectively show the upbringing, manners and charm of the person who shows and the person who receives and returns. Etiquette is an indispensable lubricant in cross-cultural communication and a necessary professional skill for everyone to enter the Chinese workplace.

"A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette" is a compulsory career development course for new professionals in the workplace as well as a career culture development course for people around the world to understand the Chinese workplace and etiquette. It is divided into two parts. Each part is a stand-alone course.

Based on the characteristics of actual Chinese workplace, this part focuses on five themes.

◇ Business Banquet Etiquette

◇ Communication and Contact Etiquette

◇ Reception and Visit Etiquette

◇ Job Interview Etiquette

◇ Business Speech Etiquette

The course, following the principle of “pragmatism and flexibility”, is not only content-minded, but also audience-oriented. It adopts "double titles", includes actually shot scenes, and is supplemented with soothing background music, and relevant video clips from such sources as news reports and movies. It leads in with some etiquette proverbs and concludes with some tips. Through the study of this course, students are expected to master the knowledge and skills of etiquette in China’s workplace, improve their etiquette literacy and professional comprehensive ability, and prepare themselves better for future international careers.


A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette(Part 2)is organized in 8 weeks. 5 modules are composed of 27 sessions. Each session contains a short video, a text of the tips and a choice quiz to help you check your understanding. The videos are in Chinese, subtitles in English and in Chinese are provided.

There is a discussion area for this course. You can post questions there and share them with other learners of this course.


This course is for:

1. College students of different majors;

2. People who will or want to work in China workplace;

3. People working in enterprises that have trade relations with China;

4. People who are interested in Chinese workplace and etiquette.

"A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette"(Part 2)does not demand any specifically prepared knowledge. It is a cross-cultural career development course for everyone interested.

The Teaching Team

Course Staff Image #1

Yuanyuan LI

Yuanyuan Li is an Associate Professor at Kunming University of Science and Technology. She obtained her master's degree from the University of Trier (in Germany) of Business. She is a Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) and a Certified Hospitality Sales Professional (CHSP) of American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. She was the winner of the Gold Coach Award of China College Students’ ‘Internet Plus’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Course Staff Image #2

Chao Zhang

Chao Zhang is an Associate Professor at Kunming University of Science and Technology. She obtained her master's degree of business administration from the East China University of Science and Technology. She is a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) of American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, a Board Certified Coach for career, and a lecturer of career training for College Students.

Course Staff Image #2

Qian Tong

Qian Tong is a Lecturer at Kunming University of Science and Technology. She is a PhD candidate in management at National Institute of Development Administration (in Thailand). She has the qualification of exhibition planning and marketing planning. She has been teaching the course “Business Etiquette” and conducting researches on business etiquette for more than 7 years.

Course Staff Image #3

Xinyuan Zhang

Xinyuan Zhang is a Lecturer at Kunming University of Science and Technology. She is a PhD candidate in management at Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. She is a Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT), a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) of American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, a Certified Analyst of Smith Travel Research Center.

Course Staff Image #4

Xin Liu

Xin Liu is a Lecturer at Kunming University of Science and Technology. She obtained the master's degree in Psychology of Ideological and Political Education from the Kunming University of Science and Technology. She is a national second-level psychological consultant, a Board Certified Coach for career (BCC), a career planner.

The Assistant Team

Yuxin Shen(Yocy)

Yocy is a Counselor at Kunming University of Science and Technology.

Yocy = a little bit Python + a little bit cello + a little bit baking + a little bit humorous + a little bit cat.

Qianyuan Su

Qianyuan Su is a Teaching Assistant at Kunming University of Science and Technology. She obtained her master's degree in Consumer Behaviour from the Ewha Womans University (in Korean) .

Course Schedule

Week 1(2 videos):Business Banquet Etiquette(Chinese Banquet Etiquette 1)
  • Invitation and Preparation: A Successful Invitation is the Beginning of Everything
  • Chinese Food: Do Not Underestimate the “Multiple Choice Questions” on the Dining Table

Week 2(3 videos):Business Banquet Etiquette(Chinese Banquet Etiquette 2)
  • The Drinking Etiquette of Chinese Banquets: “Can Drink" is Not Equal to “Drink Properly”
  • Use of Chinese Tableware: It Is Said 90% of the People Do not Get It Right
  • The Dining Etiquette of Chinese Food: Soft Power around the Dining Table

Week 3(4 videos):Business Banquet Etiquette(Western Banquet Etiquette)
  • The Clues in Western Tableware: The Dining Table as a “Weaponry Shop”
  • Seven Dishes of Western Food: Do You Know How to Enjoy Each
  • The Drinking Etiquette of Western Food: A Love Affair with Food and Wine
  • The Dining Etiquette of Western Food: Graceful like a Gentleman and Lady

Week 4(4 videos):Communication, Contact and Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette: How to Call Your Boss with Ease
  • Cellphone Etiquette: Being Rude or Polite Cellphone Users
  • Mail Etiquette: Helping You Maintain, Not Destroy, Relationships
  • WeChat Social Etiquette: The “Meeting and Scanning” Era

Week 5(3 videos):Reception and Visit Etiquette 1
  • Routine Reception: Promoting Impressions through Details
  • Grand Reception: The Tailored Reception
  • Company Visit 1: “Once or Never” Chance to Leave a Good Impression

Week 6(3 videos):Reception and Visit Etiquette 2
  • Company Visit 2: Details Make the Difference
  • Residential Visit: For the Convenience of the Host and Be a Popular Visitor
  • Business Gifts: Not the More Expensive the Better

Week 7(5 videos):Job Interview Etiquette
  • Inspecting Yourself: Success Depends on Knowing Yourself and the Jobs Offered
  • Resume Writing: How to Write an Irresistible Resume?
  • Interview Dress and Manner: Secrets for Improving Your Chances
  • Classic Question Template: The Interviewer's Question Bank
  • Resolution of Embarrassing Situations: Not Be Too Embarrassed to Recall These Tricks

Week 8(3 videos):Business Speech Etiquette
  • Speech Preparation: Overcoming Speech Anxiety
  • Etiquette in Speech Making: Charm through Elegance
  • Concluding Stately: Future Escorted by Etiquette


Learners must satisfy the following to receive the course certificate:

1. Watch the videos.

2. Do the quiz in each session.

3. Watch the text in each session.

4. Do a final exam.

5. Overall grade should be greater than 50%.

The course is a part of the collection

"A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette" divided into two parts.

Part 1 focuses on 5 themes: Introduction; Professional Image; Deportment and Manners; Seating Arrangement Etiquette; Meeting and Communication Etiquette. Course start: January 4, 2021

Part 2 covers 5 topics: Business Banquet Etiquette; Communication and Contact Etiquette; Reception and Visit Etiquette; Job Interview Etiquette; Business Speech Etiquette. Course start: March 1, 2021

This MOOC is provided under a cooperative

agreement between FUN-MOOC and XuetangX


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