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About the course

Open Wine University is the viticulture and wine university open to all.

Created in 2015 by the University of Burgundy, the MOOC OWU1 was a pioneer in the field of viticulture and wine. Today, this MOOC returns with the version OWU2, including new content and activities, all fully available in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Chinese.

During this five-week course, participants will discover the many facets of wine.

After a few reminders on basic concepts, we will be asking whether wine is threatened by climate change, diseases or pests, and then we will explore the make-up of soils and how wine is made. Next, we will look at how ‘terroir’ develops and is promoted. Before the wine is ready to be served, we'll need to look at bottling and aging. We will be looking at wine economy and history. Finally, we will discover that wine communication is a world in its own right.

Course format

Open Wine University is organized over 5 weeks.

There will be three lecture videos a week, each with its own quiz.

Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to create their own back label to describe a wine of their choice.
This activity is evaluated by the other students.


This MOOC is open to all, with no prerequisites.

It is not necessary to have completed OWU1, to take OWU2.

Direction and coordination of the program

Marielle ADRIAN

Program director
Professor of Vine Science, IUVV - uB


Pedagogic coordination
Assistant Professor of Viticulture and Microbiology, IUVV - uB

Pedagogic team

Here is the list of all the teachers who participated in the lesson design.


Professor of Microbiology and Enology, IUVV - uB


Assistant Professor of Sensory Analysis and Tasting, IUVV - uB

Benjamin BOIS

Assistant Professor of Viticulture and Climatology, IUVV - uB

Jean-Jacques BOUTAUD

Professor of Communication and Information Science, UFR Langues et Comm' - uB


Associate Professor, Wine and Culture, School of Wine & Spirits Business - BSB

Christian COELHO

Assistant Professor of Chemical Physics and Enology, IUVV - uB

Pierre-Yves COLLIN

Assistant Professor of Geology and Sedimentology, UFR SVTE - uB

Jean-Pierre GARCIA

Professor specialized in viticultural terroirs, UFR SVTE - uB


Professor of Chemistry and Enology, IUVV - uB


Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Enology, IUVV - uB


Research Engineer - PhD in History, IUVV - uB


Assistant Professor of Chemical Physics, AgroSup - uB


Assistant Professor of Environmental Geochemistry, UFR SVTE - uB


Assistant Professor of Wine Chemistry, IUVV - uB


Assistant Professor of Geomorphology, UFR SVTE - uB


Professor of Sociology, UFR SLHS - UFC


Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, UFR SVTE - uB


Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Enology, IUVV - uB


Assistant Professor of Vine Science, IUVV - uB

Course map

  • Week 1: Introduction

    • Between soil and climate
    • Wine micro-organisms
    • First steps in wine-tasting
      + winemaking of white and red wines
  • Week 2: Is wine in danger?

    • Climate and viticulture
    • Major grapevine diseases and pests
    • The global wine economy after the phyllioxera crisis
  • Week 3: Crafting wine

    • Geology and soils of Burgundian terroirs
    • Wine and microbial diversity
    • Wine markets
  • Week 4: Harnessing your terroir

    • Creating terroir in the context of viticulture
    • Special winemaking techniques, example of winemaking of "vins jaunes/yellow wines" from Jura
    • Wine flaws
  • Week 5: Final steps in getting the wine ready to be enjoyed

    • Wine bottling
    • Wine ageing
    • Wine: an approach for communication


Evaluation : weekly quizes, short written summaries each week, creation of a back-label (peer-reviewed).

A certificate of completion will be distributed at the end of the program.

Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté


Université de Bourgogne

Université de Franche-Comté

Institut Universitaire de la Vigne et du Vin

Burgundy School of Business

Associate partner

Chaire Unesco Culture et Traditions du Vin


Investissement d'Avenir

This project was cofinanced by the program ANR15-IDEX03, ISITE-BFC WP 3.9.1 "MOOC Open Wine University 2 (OWU2)".


Question 1: Is it necessary to have taken the OWU 1 MOOC before I take the OWU 2 MOOC?

NO. The first week of OWU 2 MOOC goes over all the essential concepts to get you up to speed to follow the course.

Question 2: Can I take the MOOC if I don't speak French?

There are two other versions available, open the same dates: one in English and the other in Spanish.
There is also a Chinese version on the XuetangX platform (www.xuetangx.com/).

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